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Welcome to Ryslig Peninsula. You awaken on a hard, uncomfortable bed in a crude hospital room. A single dim lightbulb with a pull-string switch flickers above you. Your clothes are soaking wet, and you're covered in scratches and bruises - thankfully, all minor enough to heal on their own, although you can't shake the feeling that something is wrong with you.

The doctor will tell you you were pulled out of the water by a fisherman on the docks at sunset, just like the rest of them. You're in the port town of Vandare, on Ryslig Peninsula, he'll explain further. You'll be asked if you know where that is, and if you remember how you got here. Your answer will be no - just like the rest of them.

When you are released from the hospital, the townsfolk will look at you with a mixture of fear and pity. Almost anyone will help you if you ask, but some will gently encourage you to try and find shelter elsewhere. If you're lucky, you'll run into someone like you who can explain what has happened. If you're unlucky, you'll run into someone like you who is already too far gone...


Ryslig is a panfandom roleplay with body horror and general speculative fiction themes, based on the premise that all arriving characters are slowly transforming into monsters. Characters initially arrive as ordinary humans stripped of all previous powers but over the next couple of months end up as something more.

The characters' development as they deal with the change is the primary focus, although there will be an ongoing plot along with exploration elements as well. Player-decided actions will have a large effect on the plot and individual characters can take their development in any number of ways as well. Characters can terrorize the civilians and become feared local legends, demand sacrifices, kidnap the innocent, seclude themselves in the wilderness, join a gang, start a cult, or even become celebrities (people love authentic-looking monster movies, after all).


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