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Located near the center of the peninsula, Bavanites might fancy themselves the center of the world. Indeed, in terms of quality of life and technological advancements no other place quite matches Bavan, although there's an awful lot of industrial pollution. There are more people here than on the rest of Ryslig put together and overall they tend to be a very open-minded group of people. There's high demand for doctors and scientists here, as well as a huge scene for movie stars, singers, and other celebrities now that 'talkies' have overtaken silent films and televisions are starting to appear in the homes of the affluent. The wealthiest Bavanites enjoy an immense amount of luxury and it quickly becomes evident that the divide between the city is not by race nor sex, but by wealth.

The working class tends to find it a bit difficult to pay the rent and there are many families sharing houses and a homelessness problem unlike anywhere else on Ryslig. Gangs roam the streets at night although they tend to be small groups that primarily scuffle with each other rather than the regular citizens. Still, getting mugged is a very real possibility.

Bavan is quite close to Lake Dala, a deep lake with calm waters that was a popular fishing and boating destination during warmer months. Its popularity has lessened in recent times thanks to its dirty waters and a lingering smell of rot.

RELIGION: Most Bavanians are not religious and prefer science
MONSTER TOLERANCE: Currently curious, very hospitable towards the new arrivals.
HUMAN POPULATION: About 7,452,000 humans.
KNOWN FOR: Science labs, technology, movies, radio, robots.
FASHION: Male | Female
MAYOR: Richard "Dick" van Smithe (Monster tolerance: High)

Vandare is the port town close to the ocean. Once a small, struggling town with a poor economy, a recent surge in trade with Bavan has allowed the citizens of Vandare to harness all the advantages of being near the ocean thus growing their economy via fishing and hydropower. The growing job market attracted people from all over the peninsula, now making Vandare the second most populous place on Ryslig.

After a period of conflict the town was split in the middle, leaving North Vandare to its former leaders and South Vandare under the control of monsters.

Despite the booming economy, when groups of new arrivals show up in the city, they are generally sent to the poorer district of town unless they can gain favor with some of the more prominent citizens. Still, Vandare has a wide variety of facilities from bars to theaters to hospitals, should a monster find themselves in need.

RELIGION: Somewhat religious and worship both the day and night gods equally
MONSTER TOLERANCE: Locals are generally distrustful in the North, but in the South monsters have control and are more widely accepted.
HUMAN POPULATION: About 289,000 humans.
KNOWN FOR: Fishing, Hydropower, Hospital tools, Metal works.
FASHION: Male | Female
MAYOR: North Vandare: Human NPC (Monster tolerance: Low), South Vandare: Human NPC (Monster tolerance: High)

✞ Rota
Rota was once a small town with a supportive and tight-knit community. Primarily a farming town, the surface area was large but the population density was low as many of the houses were spread out by acres of farmland. Crops and animals abounded, although the locals watched each others backs and didn't take too kindly to theft and strangers.

Then the Fog God summoned her monsters. The Rotans were pushed to try to eradicate them, resorting to incredibly cruel methods, and in the end the town burned. It was only thanks to monster efforts that some of those who were bystanders or dissenters survived.

Rota as it is now is a shadow of its former self - only one corner of the town is repaired and inhabited, the rest still in ruins. Many of the surviving Rotans have long since dispersed to Ryslig's other cities. But those Rotans that remained now live a decent - though not easy - life, thanks to monster help in rebuilding.

In the end, they serve as proof that something can rise from the ashes.

RELIGION: Somewhat religious; tend to favor the Night God
MONSTER TOLERANCE: Wary of monster hunger and power, but openly accepting.
HUMAN POPULATION: About 200 humans.
KNOWN FOR: Farming, priests, ancient studies of the gods, the riots, the pit.
FASHION: Practical.
MAYOR: None; formerly Hugh Mann.

Kulen is a very small village, the kind where everybody knows everybody. They have a strict code of conduct and are quick to shun those who break the local norms and traditions. Participation in certain community activities is mandatory and enforced, and people tend to listen to each other a little too closely for any sign of dissent within the community. The population here skews older, as many young people move to Bavan or Vandare for a less structured lifestyle.

Kulenians tend to reject trade with other places and are hesitant to accept new technologies. However, they have a large store of supplies and resources that is guarded day and night by volunteers. Their economy is mostly communal and not a lot of money is spent on luxuries. Lake Minska borders Kulen, and residents of the village often fish there. Outsiders are politely discouraged from fishing in Lake Minska without a permit; and swimming and other recreational activities are forbidden, and so far they have barely interacted with the monster population, keeping the town's gates well guarded.

RELIGION: Very religious and tend to favor the Day God
MONSTER TOLERANCE: Mixed. Some pity monsters, but few accept them.
HUMAN POPULATION: About 8,000 humans.
KNOWN FOR: Day priests, parasites.
FASHION: Very modest.

Dyster was once home to a small group of people, mostly immigrants from Kulen and Rota under the leadership of a charismatic priestess that promised a better life. Once a thriving community with little in the way of taboos and restrictions, the citizens of Dyster disappeared overnight a years back. Houses were locked from the inside despite the fact that no one was there. Candles burned until all the wax was gone. Books lay open on tables as if someone was just reading them.

The houses and buildings haven't been tended to in quite some time but are still habitable. People throughout the rest of the peninsula tend to dislike going there and will actively avoid it. The children have stories that no one stays a night in Dyster and lives to tell the tale, and that the mirrors in Dyster hold the spirits of former residents.

Monsters who have sworn to follow the Fog God can visit the city and interact with its ghostly residents without fear.

RELIGION: Very religious and worship exclusively the Fog God
HUMAN POPULATION: About 1,000 'humans'.
KNOWN FOR: Ghost town
FASHION: Male | Female
MAYOR: All hail the Fog God.


A sprawling forest full of plant and wildlife that once covered a fourth of the entire peninsula but has been cut down over the years by the residents of Bavan. Lager Woods still occupies the northwest section of the peninsula, stretching from west of Bavan down to Castle Lager.

Formerly a popular destination for hunters and campers, Lager Woods covers a large enough area that even before its corruption by the Fog God people were been known to get lost there for days if they weren't careful. There have been reports from campers of childlike laughter being heard deep in the woods after dark.

The woods are now covered permanently by a heavy fog. Whispers of secret desires can be heard through the trees, but the source of the voice seems impossible to locate. Shadows skitter through the mist, and if looked at take on the form of a deep rooted fear of the one unlucky enough to see it. A feeling of fear or paranoia permeates the air, growing worse the longer someone is exposed. Faces are obscured or replaced by nightmare versions making it difficult to identify others here. Hunger seems to grow quicker here and inhibitions are lower. The only ones who don't seem to be affected are the followers of the Fog God herself.

NOTABLE CREATURES: Talking man-eating plants (They)
The largest and most extravagant structure on the entire peninsula, Castle Lager is a relic of a previous age of nobility. Despite being unused for many years, Castle Lager remains in good shape (although dusty, full of cobwebs, and with a garden full of overgrown shrubs). The property rights to Castle Lager have been disputed by two groups of feuding descendants for the last couple decades, but now it has been overtaken by monsters after the fued was finally decided.

No one knows exactly when the last member of the Lager family to live in the castle passed away, but she had always refused to approve the construction of a bridge over the river between the castle and the Mainlands. The only way to reach the castle is by crossing the river on boat or going through the forest.

NOTABLE CREATURES: A number of unsocialized dogs.
Once part of Lager Woods, this section of forest was cut off from the rest by deforestation. Afterwards, the trees started to die off one by one until the entire forest was dead. No animals or plants - including insects, grass, and weeds - have been seen there since.

The Silent Forest is a popular destination for young adults from Bavan who spend the night there as a rite of passage, but most of the locals prefer to avoid it...

Recently, monsters have attempted to regrow life into it. Perhaps it could take a while but who knows what might happen?

Mountain Caves
The mountain cave are actually a series of man-made caves that dot one of the lower faces of the mountain range near the lighthouse. Rope hangs from the ledges of what used to be walkways, some of them still recognizable as nooses. Approaching the village of caves leaves a bad taste in anyone's mouth and lingering there gives monsters a sense of creeping dread. A sense only exacerbated when entering one of the caves.

Every inch of the cave wall is covered in layers of an indecipherable script. It’s madly scrawled across the rock, frenetic and desperate. In some places it even seems to have been written in (now dried) blood. Rotting rope can occasionally be found and despite the lack of corpses, the air still reeks of rotting flesh.

NOTABLE CREATURES: Giant Crabs (see the area below.)
Vandare Lighthouse
The Vandare Lighthouse serves more than home for two residents, it also illuminates the skies, protecting those foolish enough to venture out at night into the sea. The light inside does not appear to be electrical but a constantly burning fire as bright as a miniature sun, and a series of mirrors that constantly turn in directions back and forth.

How the fire is kept constantly alight, its brightness and the fact that monsters can feel its heat and light make them uneasy is a secret that the couple does not really seem like sharing. In fact, it's better not to try and step where they live, they are known to be quite trigger-happy when it comes to protecting their land and lighthouse.

CURRENT OWNER: Lighthouse Couple

The only one of the Bruten Islands with a sizable forest, Fura has some of the most diverse wildlife in all of Ryslig and is a popular destination for hunters and biologists. However, due to the number of venomous insects and reptiles, this island is mostly avoided by campers.

The largest of the islands, Tunn is the most popular vacation destination due to the fact that most of the island consists of sandy beaches. One week of the year, Tunn becomes the go-to destination for young people indulging in experimental drugs and all sorts of lewd behavior, something the more conservative residents of Ryslig don't like to talk about.

Brasa is speculated to have broken off from the mountain range a long time ago. Brasa's mountains have intricate tunnels running throughout them, but they are mostly unexplored as the island also houses Ryslig's only active volcano. The effects of a volcano eruption likely wouldn't reach the mainlands, but Brasa is not an island anyone wants to end up lost on.

One housing an elaborate mansion for one of the more prominent members of the high society of hunters, the house has since been sold off to a group of merchants who plan on renting it out as a tourist destination.

The island of Ledig often goes ignored, as it is a plain, flat island consisting mostly of marshy grassland without any decent beaches to speak of. It's a good place to go if one doesn't want to be bothered, but there's nothing terribly exciting about it.

The smallest of the islands, Hemlig remains a constant mystery. Hemlig contains the ruins of a civilization speculated to have died out tens of thousands of years ago. No other civilization seems to have existed on Ryslig in between the one on Hemlig and the arrival of the mainland settlers. Exploration has only found writing in a dead language that no one has yet managed to decipher.


Owned by the late Lord Strand, Castle Strand (much like Castle Lager) stands as one of the last reminders of a time when a person's influence was dictated by the nobility of their bloodline. Unlike Castle Lager, however, Castle Strand has fallen into a state of disrepair and is in such an inconvenient location that no one cares to bid on it. Most of the plant life around the castle has died, although the large pool remains in tact.

Beautiful to look at, Lord Strand invested most of his money into acquiring Strand's Cove before either Rota or Kulen could stake their claim on it. He hoped to build a thriving port town on the cove, but as the population started moving further north and west, the property slowly proved useless and in the end the purchase bankrupted him.

The Strand's Watch Lighthouse lies near the southernmost part of the cove, long abandoned although legend has it that the light still comes on when the fog rolls in.


The Aldrig Mountains cover the entire northeast area of the peninsula and stretch as far as the eye can see. Beyond the mountains lies potentially more land and more civilization, but as no one has ever managed to cross them, what is really out there remains unknown. Maze-like in structure, going too far into the mountains is a good way to get lost. Most people who venture into the mountains simply disappear, but a few turn up weeks later, hungry and dehydrated and covered in strange wounds.

The tallest mountain by far, set apart from all the others. No one has successfully climbed Plaga's Peak, and dark storm clouds are constantly gathered around it. The area surrounding Plaga's Peak tends to be dark and overcast, which is why none of the major civilizations have been built nearby.

Several years ago, a creature erupted near the top, causing monsters to become covered with parasites on their bodies. After calming the creature down it sleeps again, but may one day rise once more...

Lake Fors is within its vicinity, and is so salty that almost nothing lives there except a few bottom-feeding creatures in the very deepest area.







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Eponine's castle

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http://www.photocase.com/stock-photos/294807-stock-photo-old-forest-building-hill-castle-manmade-structures.jpg (I don't know how to embed the image!)

A castle on a cumulonimbus cloud, populated by arseholes, Eponine's castle of woe is a crumbling pile that is slowly being taken over by nature. Situated in the woods above Bavan, flora and fauna sprout from its walls and wend their way into bedrooms and kitchen alike. Its deep, dark dungeons are slowly being populated by the unfortunate humans that Eponine and co. have lured in. Moans and wails, cries and sobs can always be heard, should you care to venture close enough.

Notable habitants: Eponine, Jason, AM
Notable creatures: A dungeon full of humans just waiting to be eaten.
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Mansion in Silent Forest

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So it's been decided that Alastor and Kaito will come across the mansion in the forest (ooc details discussed in this thread) during the beach outing on the 20th of September.

Kaito will carefully burn away the plants and Alastor will end up making the mansion his roost under the impression that it's abandoned and up for grabs. Kaito will end up slowly turning the place into a trick mansion for him, with mostly harmless traps designed to inconvenience unwary visitors. Things like a pitfall beneath the front doormat, hidden tunnel leading to the basement, false panels etc. That process will probably take 1-2 months ICly. JUST IN TIME FOR HALLOWEEN!

We were going to thread this out but everyone ended up too busy with other events/threads, so I hope this is alright. ^^;


An abandoned mansion in the midst of the Silent Forest. After the previous occupants vanished, it was taken over by native plant life. Parts of the façade still sport scorch marks from where someone got a little too careless with fire while stripping the greenery away. The mansion is surrounded by dead trees and seems unremarkable at first glance, but there appear to be signs of life inside.

Visitors who are bold enough to approach the front door might not want to ring the front door bell unless they like being dumped in a pit of water. Someone has been busy and turned the place into a trick house.

NOTABLE CREATURES: Forest creatures, rats, birds etc.
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Castle Mirai

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A Japanese castle to the northwest of Bavan, inhabited mostly by teenagers and animals. There are no roads leading to it, but it's not a particularly hard trek to make. The castle is well fortified against any humans who may happen across it, featuring both a moat and a high, sturdy wall around the perimeter, as well as two main gates. Behind the gates are a large courtyard, a single-story palace, a six-story tower keep, a single-room temple over a pond, and a small watchtower. The keep features a dojo, where one can sometimes hear the the skittering and chirrups of woodland critters, as well as the flutter of feathered wings and birdsong that oftentimes sound eerily like human wails. Though no matter how hard you look, the owners of these paws, wings, and voices will never be seen.

More information can be found here.

Notable habitants: Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu, Gundam Tanaka
Notable creatures: The "Tanaka Kingdom" (an ever-growing variety of pets), spirits(?) of woodland critters
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As a note, the link to the "Player Locations" page is currently inaccessible because it's locked.

Whenever it's unlocked, the info post for the Tyhon Theater needs to be changed to this link
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Uchiha Head's Home in Lager Woods

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Located about a half mile from the edge of Lager Woods that creeps to the edge of Lake Dala. An almost exact facsimile of the Uchiha Clan Head home from the Naruto world, before the destruction and reconstruction of Konoha. A few of the extraneous living spaces have disappeared, and the bedrooms from the wings have been transplanted into those spaces, condensing the entire building into a square shape surrounding an interior lawn. The surrounding forest edges right up to the structure itself, with the walkway and gate looking long disused and eaten up by encroaching nature.

The house includes the former clan head's room, Itachi's room, Sasuke's room, one guest bedroom, kitchen, dining area, toilet and sink room attached to the main bathroom, said bathroom with traditional central bath and separate cleansing spigots to one side, and a tiny room not much bigger than a large western bathroom for the family shrine. The green interior space is surrounded by a porch on all sides, and serves as both garden and outdoor dojo.

The entire building wears the signs and scents of many generations' habitation by cats.

The former clan head's room still has a large dark stain in the center of the wooden floor, with the long-faded overlapping chalk outlines of two bodies scratched in over top.

NOTABLE HABITANTS: Itachi Uchiha, Sasuke Uchiha
NOTABLE CREATURES: Stray cats. So many stray cats.
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Brown Mansion

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On the edge of Bavan, near Lake Dala, you might find this quaint mansion nearby. In Hill Valley, this was owned by Doc Brown, a genius scientist who was given the house after his father passed away. Doc's father, being a powerful judge, had enough inheritance to have the mansion built rather cheaply, compared to today's expenses. From an outside glance, it doesn't look cheap at all. The same goes if you were to peek in the inside.

Unfortunately, this house would be burnt to a crisp during a fire in the early 1960's. Today, it looks perfect, freshly built. There's not a single board or flower out of place.

The house includes a spacious living room, a bedroom and a few guest rooms, separate bathrooms for each room, a wonderful kitchen and dining room, and a basement...which looks an awful lot like a laboratory.

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A public pool

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For Haruka Nanase's birthday, Tsukikage decided that instead of going to buy a present, he was going to make one. In light of a certain conflicts though, he's ended up making a large twelve lane, 50m lap pool in the most neutral yet accessible territory he can think of. (Shown on the map: http://i.imgur.com/1z9EOzL.png )

He's been digging since the 25th of June and as of this post the pool has been dug out but not furnished, though Tsukikage is using his own money to get some materials from Bavan. The final product will be an outdoor swimming pool surrounded by a brick floor, proper cleaning grate and a wire fence with a sign telling people to be civil. A small shed will also be installed eventually.

Once the plastic and brick have been implemented and the water filled, Haru will then name the place.

OWNER: Haruka Nanase

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Hello! I forgot to do this before (and the last time he was here...), but Castle Lager is now owned by Daylen Amell.
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Nightgod Moon Prison

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This was a Mana 90-coin reward put in by Light, approved here, and left for L to inherit following Light's drop (approved by his player, Nikki.) As the player currently in control of the prison, I'd like to hammer out some details that haven't been established yet and get this place officially on the map!

Named for the kanji used to write Light's name, the Nightgod Moon Prison is a large building located on the outskirts of Bavan (wherever is convenient for the mods and decently removed from the city proper so that good folk don't have to have the worst of the worst in their backyard.) Not only is it strongly built and secure, it is magical enough to contain even the most powerful of monsters. That being said, with any kind of magic, unpredictability is a factor. To ensure that players are free to end their characters' incarceration when they no longer wish to be in jail, the magic shorts out sometimes, allowing an OOC mechanic for escape.

The prison has a focus on humane treatment (even if the criminals contained within are anything but humane.) It's a modern establishment, at least for the 1950s. There are minimum and maximum security levels and everything in between, as well as a few cells for solitary confinement for the most direly extreme of cases. Cells come in a variety of sizes to accommodate every type of monster and provide for their basic needs (ie, a nymph would have some plants and soil to put their roots in, mers would have pools of water, etc.) The cells dampen monster powers but not weaknesses, and monsters would still be susceptible to hunger during their incarceration. In addition to these magical cells, there are a variety of mundane rooms and areas, such as overnight rooms and cots for prison staff burning the midnight oil, offices, and a kitchen. For well-behaved monsters, there is also a rec hall, a library, and an outdoor fenced-in area for exercise (complete with a pool for aquatic monsters to swim laps). The areas meant for prisoners to endure or enjoy all dampen monster powers, without exception. Monster guards and prison staff can avoid this power-dampening effect by wearing a key pendant, but if they take it off in the prison (or have it swiped by a sticky-fingered prisoner), the tables can turn rather abruptly, and a riot could easily break out. In other words, if you work here, hold onto that thing, or find yourself hanging by your underwear from a basketball hoop.

The food supplier (arranged by Light) is the soup kitchen. The warden and owner is L. He is currently hiring people to help him run it and will also be attempting to lobby the politicians of Bavan for funding so the prison can be maintained and its employees paid, insisting that its in Bavan's best interest to support monsters controlling their own biggest troublemakers in a monster-only facility.

Notable Inhabitants: L Lawliet (whenever he's working overtime and spending the night here), prisoners (player characters, with their players' permission/desire), and NPC natives-turned monsters who have gotten out of hand.