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1. Be excellent to each other. This is a collaborative hobby - we’re all in this together! While this game is intended to be very open-ended, almost inevitably compromises are going to have to be made. Respect other players’ boundaries. Harassment and bullying of other players will not be tolerated.

2. Bring your concerns to the mods. The MOD CONTACT POST is anon-enabled and screened so don't be afraid to bring something up.

3. Read everything! Make sure to read all the game's information and any mod announcements or posts in the [community profile] rysligooc community. Ignorance is not an excuse for breaking a rule, missing important details (such as the AC's end date) or skipping the Activity Check altogether and idling out. While there are no penalties for getting setting or details wrong in IC posts, you will likely be corrected.

4. Be active. Activity check is 20 comments per month. For more information about activity guidelines, please see the MAIN AC POST.

5. The mods have the final say. Not every situation will be clearly addressed by the rules or past events. While we’d like the rules to be as comprehensive as possible, there’s always the possibility that we’ll run into a situation where action may be necessary without any of the rules being explicitly broken. Similarly, players can come to us if they are uncomfortable playing with another player for any reason. In situations like these (and any others!), we reserve the right to make decisions on any matter necessary.

6. Mods (and mod helpers) are people too! Please be courteous in waiting for responses to questions, suggestions, and so forth. Please use the methods listed on the Mod Contact page if you have a question or concern. Please do not ping a mod's personal plurk or PM their roleplay journals. You will be told to use the correct methods of contact instead.

7. Do not plagiarise.​ We take plagiarism very seriously, and have a no tolerance policy, ​especially​ during the application process. Remember, it's okay to ask for help, but lifting sections straight out of someone else's writing is not okay, even with that person's permission. (Using your own writing from older apps is acceptable.)

8. Warn for NSFW or potentially triggering content. While Ryslig is a monster-themed game and gratuitous violence is to be expected, always be considerate of others. Additionally, please see the smut guidelines below for how to properly thread any 18+ log/thread.

9. Don't godmode. Simply put, don't decide what happens to characters that aren't yours. If something you want your character to do would significantly impact someone else, talk it out with their player!

10. IC =/= OOC. Please do not allow any Out Of Character issues you have with other players to bleed into In Character situations ingame. Additionally, do not take negative CR personally; always keep in mind that negative CR with other characters does not mean the players dislike you.

11. To ask or not to ask? Changes that affect appearance: Nearly always fine if they’re purely cosmetic. Changes that affect powers or ability: Ask us first.


Smut is permitted in this game as long as it is posted in the correct community. Due to Dreamwidth TOS regarding unlocked sexual content and minors, please use [community profile] monsterotica for any logs/threads or parts of a log/thread that becomes not safe for work. Below are some guidelines for this community.

1. Any player over 18, past or present, can join this community with characters they have played in Ryslig. If you have dropped, just PM us proof that you used to play here with your character and we'll let you in.

2. All smut must be posted to this community, locked, and placed under a cut. Any smut posted to the main communities will be hidden and the parties will be warned. If this is ignored, they will be deleted completely and further action against the players will be taken.

3. Smut cannot be used for your main Activity Check. However, it can be used for up to four (4) bonus coins. The smut used for this bonus must be game canon and should follow normal Ryslig rules.

4. There is absolute freedom for smut that is NOT marked as game canon. There are no limits as long as they are properly marked for other users.

5. Bring your concerns to the mods, should you feel anything being posted is not respecting the rules. As always, we are here to intervene if you need us.

6. PLEASE BE OVER 18 IF YOU ARE JOINING THIS COMMUNITY. If you join this community, we trust that you are of legal age. If we find out that you are under 18, you will be removed from this community immediately, and sanctions may be enforced towards your stay in Ryslig.

7. Joining this community is completely optional, and you will not be removed from it should you drop the game, though you are free to remove yourself.