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Wendigo are undead creatures that feast on flesh. A few days before the character transforms, they will have a greatly increased appetite that they can't seem to satiate no matter how much they eat. This monster type comes with some major physical changes, as well as the heart stopping and the body dying.


● Upper and lower canine teeth elongated into sharp fangs.

● Fingernails that grow faster and in a more claw-like shape.

● Antlers, although they vary in size and shape from one individual to another (ex: one may have stag-like antlers, another may have moose-like antlers, etc). Some Wendigo have constantly growing antlers that shed from time to time, others have antlers that never shed and only grow back if broken.

● Deer-like pointed ears.

● Clawed hands.

● Vulnerability to silver and fire. Silver will burn the skin if touched and can be deadly if the Wendigo is shot or stabbed with something made of silver. Being set on fire will significantly weaken the Wendigo and can kill it as well.

● Sharpened senses. Wendigo will find that their sense of hearing is much sharper, and that they are easily able to pick up on the direction any given noise came from. They also have very keen night-vision, allowing them to hunt better in the dark. However, their eyes are sensitive to light and they may find it difficult to go out in the sun. Thus, most Wendigo are nocturnal.

● Increased hunger. Wendigo feed only on meat and will actively crave it. Animals can satiate them temporarily, but the longer they go without feeding on humans the more they'll be compelled to do so until they lose their self-control and go after humans whether they want to or not.

● Any psychological changes are welcome! Feel free to pull from real world myths, canon creatures of this variety, or any other source!

● A fog form. This is an exaggerated version of their monster form that appears only during the fog and is a chance to make your monster more "horrifying" during the fog.

● A furred mane extending from the head to the tailbone.

● Eye color ranging from pale gold to bright yellow.

● Short fur on any other part of the body.

● Bony, spike-like protrusions on the arms, shoulders, or back.

● A long and fur-covered tail.

● Hooves in place of feet.

● Animal-like facial features, ranging from mild to a full-on muzzle, resembling the same type of animal as their antlers.

● Immunity to cold.

● The ability to paralyze a human with fear so long as eye contact is maintained.

● A greedy nature. Wendigo always tend to want more than they already have.

● The ability to take the form of the animal the Wendigo's antlers correspond to. They will be able to travel faster in this form but will be more vulnerable.

● Some Wendigo have an icy touch, cold enough to cause frostbite in humans if physical contact is made for an extended period of time.


Wendigo can have hands and feet pads like the werewolves and manticores.

The horns can be from any type of cervidae, and this includes examples found in the character's own homeworld.

Wendigos do not have to breathe, but they may do it out of habit.

No bovidae traits (like rams horns) as these are reserved for minotaurs.

No extra powers apart from the ones listed above. This includes special unique traits (extra poison, special fur, etc) the creature your monster is based on would have. If you are unsure, ask in the FAQ (the link is above)


Deers, Llamas, Okapi, Pronghorns, Pudu and Giraffes are allowed.


Artwork generously donated and submitted by players as example of monster, animal and fog forms. This can give you an idea of what you can do with this monster.

Chie Satonaka (Previous character)
Normal form by demidemonLove
Fog form by demidemonLove

Koki Kariya
Normal form by Bat

Normal form by [personal profile] avali

Reira Akaba
Normal form by Usagi

Normal form by Tsuikai
Fog form by Morg

Zolf J. Kimbley
Normal form by Nin